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Cocoa butter is a natural cooking oil extracted from cocoa beans in the making of chocolate and cocoa powder. It has only a slight taste and aroma of chocolate and is one of the ingredients used to make real chocolate. Candy commonly known as white chocolate is made from it alone. Cocoa butter melts at about 34-38 degrees Celsius (93-100 degrees Fahrenheit), so chocolate is solid at room temperature and melts quickly in the mouth.

Cocoa butter is divided into natural cocoa butter and deodorized cocoa butter according to different production and technology. Natural cocoa butter is light yellow, with a natural cocoa aroma; Deodorizing cocoa butter is the physical removal of impurities, color, and odor from cocoa butter based on natural cocoa butter. Deodorized cocoa butter is bright lemon yellow and odorless. Natural cocoa butter is widely used in chocolate, cake and other food production; Deodorized cocoa butter is generally used in the production of high-end cosmetics, pharmaceutical production, rarely used in food production.


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