Non dairy creamer for Dairy
Non dairy creamer
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Non dairy cream also known as vegetable fat powder, milk replacer, coffee whitener. With good dispersity, stable emulsifying effect and excellent solubility, the product will not lose its original rich flavor due to ice, and also has the characteristics of acid resistance,used in a variety of food can improve the nutritional value and calorific value, improve the solubility and tonality, improve the taste, make the product more delicious.Non trans fat,to offer more secure and healthy products.Improve the appearance,as well as enhance the taste.

Its advantages are as follows:

1. The fat content can be adjusted at will, ranging from 5% to 70%.

2. Oil varieties can also be selected according to needs.

3. Excellent functional properties (water solubility, emulsification, foaming), can meet the processing needs of different food fields.

4. Various flavors, products can be adjusted fragrance, color, flavor processing or strengthen vitamin trace elements.

5. Microencapsulated products are easy to store, not easy to oxidize, good stability, not easy to lose flavor.

6. Reduce costs and replace expensive milk fat, cocoa fat or some milk protein.

Fat content:5%-80%

Protein content: 0.5%-20%


ice cream,snow top, cream cover, cream cheese  and so on.


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