General situation of non dairy creamer industry

2022-04-22 14:30:00

Non dairy creamer is a powder food ingredient made from glucose syrup, edible vegetable oil and milk powder by microencapsulation and spray drying. Because of its internal structure, it can improve food flavouring flavoring, and can significantly improve the food and beverage taste mellow degree, smooth degree and plumpness, therefore, is not only the common ingredients, milk tea, coffee products are commonly used in instant oatmeal, cakes and cookies and other recreational food, in the field of modern food production and processing has a wide range of USES.

non dairy creamer can be divided into high fat vegetable fat, medium fat vegetable fat and low fat vegetable fat according to the fat content, which are suitable for different purposes respectively. Generally, 20%~50% fat non dairy creamer content is generally used in making drinks. In addition, with the continuous innovation and improvement of food formula and production technology, functional non dairy creamer terminus such as cold soluble and acid-resistant have been gradually introduced, while new raw materials such as medium carbon chain fatty acid triglyceride (MCT) are absorbed and metabolized faster in human body than ordinary vegetable oil products. Therefore, using this kind of oil raw material can expand the application of powder oil products such as non dairy creamer in health care, medical treatment and other fields.

It was born in 1958 when Carnesen Developed a product with a dairy-like taste and water solubility using raw materials such as vegetable oil. It was launched under the label "coffee-mate" in 1961. Because the product is a solid powder, without refrigeration, the use of convenience is significantly improved, popular in the market. Since then, other companies have gradually developed and produced similar products, and have continued to expand the downstream application of fat removal products.

In the eighties of the 20th century, non dairy creamer entered the domestic consumer market. Throughout the development of domestic vegetable fat terminal market, it has mainly experienced the stages of import consumption, independent production and r&d innovation. With the further improvement of the competitiveness of domestic dried fat products, the products of domestic producers with high quality of dried fat products have been exported to all over the world, and China has become one of the important producing areas of dried fat products in the world.

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