The main characteristics of the non dairy creamer industry

2022-04-24 10:10:18

1. Periodicity

As the upstream industry of milk tea, coffee, baking and cereal industry, the periodicity of the industry is affected by the prosperity of the beverage and food industry mentioned above, but the overall consumer demand of the downstream industry is relatively stable, so the industry has a weak periodicity. At the same time, the fat-growing industry and downstream industries such as milk tea, coffee, baking and cereal are affected by macroeconomic cycle fluctuations.

2. Seasonality

At present, non dairy creamer products are widely used in milk tea, coffee, baking, cereal and other fields. Most of the above fields belong to FMCG, with large consumer groups and stable overall consumer demand. However, in some segments, such as milk tea, the consumption in summer is relatively small, so the milk tea industry reflects certain seasonal characteristics; However, coffee, roasting and cereal industries are less affected by seasonal factors, so as a whole, there is a weak seasonal characteristics of the industry. In addition, due to the influence of Spring Festival holiday and other factors, the sales volume of non dairy creamer industry in the first quarter will be slightly lower than other quarters.

3. Regional

At the same time, due to its stable physical properties, it can meet the needs of different regions and different climates, so its market is relatively widely distributed. At the same time, due to the relatively high population density in eastern China, the consumption of food and beverage is high, so the demand for vegetable fat powder residue is also relatively higher than other regions.

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