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Egg powder is made from fresh eggs after cleaning, cracking, separation, pasteurization, spray drying and the products include whole egg powder, yolk powder, egg white powder and high functional egg powder products.

Egg powder is not only good at maintaining the nutritional composition of eggs, but also has significant functions and properties. It has the characteristics of convenient use and health, easy storage and transportation, and is widely used in pastry, meat products, ice cream and other products. Protein powder has good functions such as gelation, emulsification, water retention, etc., and is used in ham sausage and other meat products to improve the quality of products.

After separating egg white and egg yolk processing, egg white powder and egg yolk powder can adapt to different needs of different people. Such as protein powder is high protein, low calorie food, especially suitable for the elderly to eat; Egg yolk powder is generally suitable for teenagers to eat.


1, easy to store: the shelf life of egg powder can reach 2 years under the condition of 20℃.

2, convenient transportation: because egg powder is the dry matter obtained by egg dehydration and drying, it is smaller and easier to transport.

3, safety and health: egg powder by pasteurization, and high temperature powder spraying treatment, killing salmonella and other pathogenic bacteria, the use of more safe and health.

4, easy to use: egg powder does not need to be stored at low temperature, can be deployed according to the amount, avoid waste and eggs in the process of pollution, more convenient to use.


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