Whipping cream powder
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powder form

The whipping cream powder has good shape, rich milk foam, strong hardness, good stability, delicate and durable, and the edges and corners of the flowers are clear, beautiful and durable.

It can make cream puff inside the filling, cream cake and a variety of pastries, fruit sandwich, cream sandwich bread inside the sandwich, but also can make cream cake rolls, cupcakes and so on.

Fat content: 30%-65%

Protein content: 5%-12%

(1)This whipping cream powder is easier to kill than animal cream. It is used to make cream cake with strong stability, three-dimensional shape, clear and beautiful pattern and long lasting time. To make a cream cream, add your favorite color, butter and lemon juice and beat until smooth.

(2) Animal cream in the mounting need to add sugar to promote the sending and seasoning, but the cream powder does not need to add sugar, can be sent directly. Operation is more simple, convenient, save time, the key is to kill the effect is very good.

(3) The whipping cream powder is easy to preserve, long-term preservation and non-deterioration, sealed packaging, convenient and carefully protect the quality of cream.


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