Pomelo sac/pomelo pulp

The soul ornament of sweet dew of poplar branch can be paired with fruit juice to increase the chewi···

Cocoa reddish color

Cocoa reddish color is a natural food pigment, solule in water, odoress, slightly bitter taste, easy···

Orange sac/orange pulp

Citrus granules can be inhaled, and the pulp can be seen, allowing you to experience the taste of ci···

Milk falvor powder

Milk flavor powder is a series of flavor improves used in dairy products, which are obtain···

Clouding agent powder

The function of cloud agent is to make the transparent beverage "cloud", that is, become t···

Jelly powder

The jelly looks glittering and translucent, the color is bright, the taste is soft and smooth, the w···

Beta-carotene powder

Carotene content: 1%-10%pH range:3.0-10.0Feature:1,pure plant extracts2,water soluble & oil solu···

 Sweetener APM Plus 200 times

Feature:1,fresh and pure sweet taste2,no bitterness or metallic taste3,adjust and enhance flavor4,sa···

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